Announcement. In response to the Covid-19 outbreak we will be having a temporary closure until the 1st of May.  The reopening is dependent upon governmental guidance and we will update you as we learn more. We are doing this out of an abundance of caution. 

We have not had any reported cases of the Covid-19 here at the Academy.

As you know we have been deep cleaning and sanitizing every day. The Academy is Incredibly clean. We are closely monitoring the situation and working with local health officials.

We have always been committed to your self defense and making you ‘harder to kill.’ Right now the defense is against a virus. And being harder to kill means ‘extreme social distancing’.

Right now Orange County is a low risk area with a low amount of cases so it would be easy to be relaxed about our regular jiu jitsu routine and schedule. This is not time to stay open because ‘we are tough and we never quit’.

It’s important to be over cautious at this time and do our best to keep the entire community safe. In the best case scenario we see a decrease in California cases and we open again on the 25th of March. We want to be part of this ‘Best case scenario’. 

I believe that we can beat this as a community. Other communities such as China are winning the fight.  I feel that we are ahead of the situation here in Orange County and it is best to stay ahead of the situation. We want to exercise extreme caution now for the well being of our community. Human beings have been building an Immunity to viruses since the beginning of time and this too shall pass..

We will be moving the training online during this time. Essentially we will have online classes as many educational institutions are doing at this time. We will be posting BJJ instructional lessons, fight breakdowns, seminar footage and highlight footage on our Instagram and Facebook feeds. We want to continue to deliver value and maintain a cohesive community. We are definitely stronger together and the community we have is of real value.

I plan on paying our instructors as if they were teaching class as some of them live paycheck to paycheck. We all really appreciate your continued support at this time. Thank You, Be well.

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