The 10 Qualities of a Total Winner

#1 POSITIVE SELF-EXPECTANCY: “If we expect ourselves to do well, we will do well.”

#2 POSITIVE SELF-MOTIVATION: “The strong, burning desire to achieve our greatest goals.”

#3 POSITIVE SELF-IMAGE: “Using our vivid imagination to see ourselves doing something well, in full detail.”

#4 POSITIVE SELF-DIRECTION: “Short-term and long term goals.”

#5 POSITIVE SELF-CONTROL: “Realizing that we have 100% control of our own lives.”

#6 POSITIVE SELF-DISCiPLINE: “Repetition, repetition, and repetition. We learn by mental repetition as well as physical repetition.'”

#7 POSITIVE SELF-ESTEEM: “The deep-down feeling of our own worth.”

#8 POSITIVE SELF-DIMENSION: “Seeing ourselves as part of the total picture of life – learning from the past, planning for the future, and living as fully as possible in the present.”

#9 POSITIVE SELF-AWARENESS: “Our understanding of who we are, what we believe, our present role in life, and the future roles and goals that will enable us to fulfill our great potential. We learn these things by experience, insight, feedback, and our own honest judgment.”

#10 POSITIVE SELF-PROJECTION: “Projecting our best selves in the way we look, walk, talk, listen, and react.

Note: This information is based on research done by Dr. Denis Waitley. The final value to us of knowing the characteristics of a winning attitude will depend on how many of its insights we adopt as habit-knit parts of our personalities.