Gordo Seminar/ Belt promotion

gordo-tinguinha-half-guard-bjjOn Saturday March 19th the Tinguinha Jiu Jitsu academy will be holding a seminar with Roberto “Gordo”, the creator of the “half guard” position. Gordo is legend in the Jiu Jitsu comunity and has a wealth of knoledge to share.
At this time our very own Grant Collins will be receiving his black belt after 11 years of training.
In addition Tinguinha (Grant’s coach) will also be receiving his 4th degree black belt. Please take time next Saturday to attend this event.This will be a great time

to experience the larger Jiu Jitsu community and learn from a master.The Optimus Brazilian Jiu JItsu Academy will be closed on this day

Seminar Information:

Date: Saturday- March 19th

Time: from 10:30 am to 1:00pm

Location: TBJJ Academy

22349 La Palma Ave. Suite 118

Yorba Linda, CA 92349

1 714 694 0103


TBJJ Students- $45
Non TBJJ Students- $55
At the door- TBJJ Students – $55
At the door- Non TBJJ Students – $65

If you plan to attend the seminar remember to put your name on the list to garantee your spot or contact us at (714)694-0103!!

Belt Promotion Information:

The Belt Promotion will take place after the seminar at 1:00pm so if you even if you are not attending the seminar come at 1:00pm and let’s celebrate our Professor’s accomplishments!!

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