Holiday Break

Christmas_tree_baubleI want first to wish you all a very happy holidays. It is my sincere hope that this season finds you in good health and pain free (if not, you know who to see, wink wink). It has been a great year full of hard training and accomplishments. Next year is going to be even bigger!
According to Chinese Medicine winter is a time of rest and recovery. Our bodies follow the cycles of the season just like the waves follow the moon. Take this time to collect your energy, rest your mind and prepare for the work ahead. The Chinese often use “tonic” herbs to strengthen their body and “Qi” during this time, feel free to call for more info on that.


Due to the holiday the Academy will be closed for several days.
Take this time to heal and get chubby on gravy, because we are gonna “woop” it out of you next year!!
The Holiday Schedule is as follows:


Last day of class will be Thursday the 22nd
Closed Dec 23rd – Jan 2nd
Reopen with regular schedule January 3rd
Make It In This Week!!

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