Belt / Stripe Promotion

black belt group webJoin us for our TBJJ / Optimus Jiu JItsu Academy December Belt Promotions Ceremony & End of the year celebration. The day will start with a Special Martial Art Live Training session, Annual Group Picture, then BJJ promotions & Potluck! Many Tbjj Black Belts will be in attendance, with some being awarded degrees. Optimus Jiu Jitsu students will also be receiving stripes and belts.

There will be a dedicated area for kids to train as well so all youth students of the Optimus are encouraged to attend.
“We are going to celebrate our end of the year on the mat doing what we like the most, training BJJ. I look forward to seeing all the Optimus team and friends joining us on this fun day.” ~ BJJ for Life – Tinguinha

Date: Saturday, December 6th
Location: TBJJ Academy HQ
Special Training: 11am
Belt Promotion: 12:30pm
Potluck: 1:10pm
Friends and Family are Welcome!

The Following Students will receiving promotions on that day:
*If you are not able to show up you will be receiving your promotion on the next class.

Ambika Mathur
Armando Gaeta
Bill Chetney
Blaine Burch
Brooke Hart
Bryan Grebbin
Caleb Shirk
Carlos Oregon
Daniel Grieves
Daniel Jackson
Damion Jiron
Dan Nieto
Don Abadie
Flavio Maselli
Jeffrey Monaghan
Joe Chin
Luis Gomez
Nicholas D’Alba
Orlando Bolanos
Renato Da Rocha
Robert Slayton

Jason Cazarez (Purple)
Julie Giffin (Blue)
Christian Gund (Blue)
Dixon Kavanaugh (Blue)
Thomas Trieu (Blue)
Jack Connole (Orange)

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