BJJ for Kids: Emotional Discipline, Fun, & Fitness

My teacher once told me “activities that require discipline will develop discipline.” In other words when somebody is required to use their muscles, the muscles get stronger. When kids are required to exercise discipline (push ups, sparring, coming to class), their discipline becomes stronger. This skill translates to all other areas of their life.

Kids learn “Emotional Discipline” through martial arts.

Emotional Discipline has shown to be a key factor in human success. Emotional Discipline helps children and teens avoid any number of pitfalls including overeating, drugs, smoking and bad relationships. On top of that, it gives them the ability to reach the goals they set for themselves! Our BJJ for kids programs will strengthen their Emotional Discipline.

The purpose of training is ‘mind body education.’ Through Jiu-Jitsu training, they will learn how to break down complex material into easy steps. They burn powerful self defense moves into their muscle memory. They will learn to set goals and reach them. Essentially they will “learn how to learn.” And, of course, kids have to have FUN so they are begging to come back to class.

With the proper instruction BJJ for kids is very safe, even safer than the striking arts like Karate or Tae Kwon Do.

Through regular training at Optimus Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, your child will become stronger and more confident. That same child will also become more polite and respectful, thanks to increased self esteem. Because of our fun group atmosphere, your child will learn to work well with others. And, because of our elite instructors, your child will have excellent role models to pattern their lives after.

At Optimus, we offer classes for Tiny Tigers (4-6 years old) and Little Dragons (7-12 years old). Check our our Kids’ Schedule and sign your child up for a free, 30-Day Trial! Call us today at (949) 818-2511.

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