Bully Defense

Bully Defense Seminar


Join us every Saturday in September for our Bullying Defense Seminar.

In this new Bully Defense Seminar, we will teach children how to Identify Acts of Bullying, the ABCs of Conflict Avoidance, and the Rules of Engagement to determine when a child should defend him or herself.

Students will learn effective communication skills to prevent bullying, effective verbal techniques to diffuse an aggressive situation, and effective physical techniques to defend themselves against an attacker.

Our seminar is based on the philosophy and practical art of jiu-jitsu, intelligently blending together mental, verbal and physical techniques to teach children conflict avoidance as well as non-violent ways to remain safe from an aggressor.  We also believe as a child becomes more confident there are less likely to be the target of bulling.  As with our Adult Jiu-Jitsu program, the student learns that genuine confidence comes from becoming a stronger person who is armed with practical martial art skills that actually work.

Parents and caretakers are encouraged to be present. Bully Defense takes a committed community of parents, caretakers, teachers, and children. When adults respond quickly and consistently to bullying behavior, children learn bullying is not ok.

Cost: $20 for all 4 classes. Free for Optimus Students.



5 Tips for Parents.

Take action early to prevent and reduce bullying in your community.  Commit to learning and exhibiting healthy behavior; then, be a champion in your family and community by teaching those around you.


  1. Involve yourself with your children; provide consistent positive, supportive, affectionate, healthy parent-child interaction.


  1. Be a role model; exhibit positive, respectful, caring behavior towards others and allow your child to witness your healthy relationships. Behavior of all natures is learned.


  1. Encourage healthy social activity; help your child build strong friendships and involve them in school and community activities, sports, and clubs.

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