New Kickboxing Classes

Optimus Academy Adds New Kickboxing Classes

Optimus Academy adds new kickboxing classes to it’s already robust class schedule allowing students to broaden their martial arts training beyond the core offering of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. The latest class addition, Adult Kickboxing, held on Monday and will taught by 1st ranked Pro Featherweight fighter, Cody “the Crow” Walker.

Cody boasts an 8-7-0 professional MMA record. Having first trained under kickboxing world champion, King of Pancrase, UFC Champion, and Pride veteran, Guy Mezger, Cody now sharpens his mixed martial arts skills with jiu-jitsu instruction under renowned KOTC Champ, UFC and Pride veteran, Chris Brennan, striking under Zach Brennan, and wrestling under U.S. Olympic Gold Medalist, Kendall Cross. Learn more about Cody below…

Join Coach Cody, Professor Grant, and the Optimus Team in these newly added evening classes. Kickboxing not only expands your martial-arts skills by teaching striking techniques, it simultaneously challenges you both physically and mentally, offers intense cardio conditioning, tones your entire body, builds core strength, improves balance and coordination, and helps you develop a comprehensive combat-style game ultimately improving and evolving your entire martial arts game.

While most jiu-jitsu players train predominantly in jiu-jitsu, the most versatile players also train in other martial arts to enhance their overall game.  Conditioning yourself with skills and techniques from multiple arts will enable you to intuitively react and adapt in the moment, employing a larger arsenal of honed techniques as situations demand.

New Kickboxing Classes

Mondays, 7-8p; Instructor – Daniel Adoff

Fridays 8-9p Instructor – Cody “the Crow” Walker

Learn more about Cody…

Born in Plano, Texas in 1988, Cody “The Crow” Walker started his MMA career in 2004.

Cody first trained under kickboxing world champion, King of Pancrase, UFC champion and Pride veteran, Guy Mezger.  After moving to Austin for college, Cody continued his training under Phil Cardellal and with local professionals.

In 2013, Cody returned to Plano and tried out for and subsequently made the Next Generation MMA fight team where he now trains Brazilian Jiu Jitsu with KOTC champ, UFC and Pride veteran, Chris Brennan, striking with Zach Brennan and wrestling with U.S. Olympic Gold Medalist, Kendall Cross.

At 6’1″ and 145 pounds, Cody competes in the featherweight class and has fought multiple XKO and Bellatour bouts

Mix it up. Join our new Kickboxing Classes to expand your martial arts practice, evolve your game, improve your conditioning, and develop an edge on your competition.

See you on the mat!
– Professor Grant

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