New Deluxe Jiu-Jitsu Flooring And Mats

We have just installed our new deluxe Jiu-Jitsu flooring and mats. We have always been committed to providing the most state of the art facility for training Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.  With wood floors, filtered water and daily sanitation, Our academy is already known as the ‘Jitz Carlton’ of martial art schools. With the addition of our new deluxe floating floor, the Optimus BJJ Academy is now the crown jewel of South Orange County Jiu-Jitsu.

Most martial art schools place their mats on laminate floor or worse yet the cement. This is adequate, yet with heavy impact or falls it can be very hard on the body and unsafe.  With a floating floor, the mats are placed on top of two layers of plywood which are suspended upon two inch foam blocks. The result is an incredibly responsive mat area that provides a springy cushion for hard Jiu-Jitsu training.

We did months of research before we began our new floor project. We concluded that 2 x 4 polystyrene foam blocks with two layers of 5/8 plywood on top would be the best option. We finished the floor with 1.5 inch Zebra Mats for a clean look of a dojo training hall. Our dedicated students volunteered their time to help during the installation, and we appreciate it. Local contractor and Optimus Black Belt, Bryan Grebbin supervised the team. After two long weekends our new floor was ready for Jiu-Jitsu action.

All we can say is WOW! You have to train on these mats to understand the difference they make. The training immediately feels more safe and easier on the body. Everyone loves the new mats. The mats are bouncy and responsive yet soft upon hard impact. Most say they are even less sore after workouts. We are looking forward to many decades of hard Jiu-Jitsu training on our new mats!



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