Collins Promoted to 3rd degree Black Belt

Professor Collins Promoted to 3rd Degree

During our recent 2021 Winter promotion we saw Professor Collins promoted to 3rd degree black belt. The day started with Professor Tinguinha teaching an excellent seminar for the Optimus BJJ team. During the seminar he covered the details of pressure passing followed by Jiu-Jitsu submissions from side control. The seminar was followed by the rank promotion at 1:00. We had many students who earned a new rank. Some got stripes on their belts, while others received new belts. The highlight was watching Professor Collins promoted to 3rd degree Black Belt. Professor Collins began his BJJ training in 2000. He has dedicated his entire life to Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu training and instruction. He spent the last 18 years training under Tinguinha. It was an honor to see him receive this promotion and continue the legacy of the art.

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