Tournament Wins!

Hello Optimus BJJ students, parents, and friends!
This past weekend some of our students attended their very first tournament and we are proud of their performance. We would like to take some time to recognize these hard working individuals and express some of the moments in their long road to success!

Dixon Kavanaugh
This past weekend was a sure confidence booster for 17 year-old Dixon. His situation for this tournament was pretty interesting. The division that Dixon was scheduled to fight in was empty so his only choice was to fight in the open weight division. After long waiting for his fights he not only took the gold medal in his division but he also took gold in the Open Division as well. In his first fight he jumped guard, swept his opponent, and landed an armbar submission to win the fight in just under a minute.
His second and final fight went the distance of the 5 minute time period and Dixon came out on top once again with a winning score of 16 to 0.
Congratulations Dixon!

Lauren Okon
This ferocious female competitor fought her heart out in this tournament. This was Lauren’s very first tournament in martial arts and also she is the first female to compete from our Optimus BJJ girl’s team, so everyone knew the nerves were tingling, but that didn’t stop her from taking the silver medal at this competition. In Lauren’s first fight, in under a minute, she jumped guard faster than lightning and landed a triangle choke that was tighter than a lid of a pickle jar! Lauren lost her second match by points, but that did not break the smile off of her face because she did her best!
Congratulations Lauren!

Maryan Malkosh
This little 6 year-old firecracker had everyone in attendance in shock and awe. This was Maryan’s first Muay Thai kickboxing tournament and she did phenomenal! The match was scheduled for three 1-minute rounds but it was cut to a short 30 second fight when she beat her opponent by Technical Knockout (TKO). When the bell rang, both fighters came out and touched gloves, and then Maryan turned up the heat and backed her opponent into the corner with a flurry of punches and kicks. Shortly after, the referee had to separate the fighters, and then her opponent threw in the towel, claiming Maryan the winner of the bout. She made her family and coaches very proud when she went to give her opponent a hug to make sure she was alright.

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