Winter Belt Promotion 2016

We will be holding our Winter Belt Promotion on December 3rd at 12pm. The Promotion will be followed by a catered lunch.

Professor Tinguinha will be guest instructor for the 11:00 Adult class.

Following is the list of Students that will be promoting.

Promo winter 2016



Nick Bahr

Nicky D’Alba

Bryan Grebbin

Austin Hewitt

Jeff Reyes

Eugene Kim

Gavin Peterson

Alexander Vasquez

Brandon Arner

Clay Miller

Jason Laminski

Zach Wolivar

Blaze Blackman


Jack Connole

Jeremiah Verhines

James Howorth

Chris Chang

Clayton Scherer



Mason Bahr

Natali Colombo

George Ntousakis

Sofia Taylor

George Husek

Alina Delio

Rocco Boehne

Cole Cashion

Dylan Cohen

Liam Scherer

Hudson Bialon

Johnny Bailey

Tyler Bailey


Arson Boehne

Paulo Colombo

Kevin Sanj

Kevin Kaplan

Quinn Shepherd

Mica Malek

Seung young Oh

Luke Bittner

Kyle Cashion

Sam Wall

Reed Kaminski

Forrest Greenbaum

Ian Chang

Riley Divel

Harshal Ishchuk

Konrad Fuchs

Nathan Bryan

Eli Jessop

Aaron Jessop

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