Dixon With The Gold!!

dixon-kickboxing-win-blogWe here at Optimus Brazilian Jiu Jitsu would like to recognize Dixon Kavanaugh for his great performance and effort in his first Muay Thai Kickboxing fight, securing the win with a Unanimous Decision! With his Muay Thai coach Bryan Tack, and his BJJ Professor Grant Collins in his corner he was more than ready!
On the night of the fight, He had a slight opponent change, with his new opponent weighing in 30 pounds heavier than him. Yet even with some of the odds stacked against him his Confidence was not shaken at all. Dixon stepped into the ring and went toe-to-toe with his opponent landing quick combos and powerful leg kicks while also keeping a safe distance from his opponent. Near the end of the fight his opponent began to get frustrated and started swinging with wild punches, but Dixon did not lose focus on his technique and blocked the powerful strikes. When the bell rang and everyone knew who the winner was, with his hand raised you could see the look of Dixon’s triumph on his face. Many of his fellow students and instructors were in attendance to share his milestone achievement in his martial art career. We are looking forward now to his Jiu Jitsu debut in an upcoming martial art tournament!

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