Pan American Jiu Jitsu Victorys!

grant-and-greb-double-gold-jiu-jitsuThe Pan-American martial art Championship, often referred to as the “Pan-Ams”, is one of the largest martial art tournaments held in North America. It is held annually by the IBJJF or International Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Federation.
Representing one of the first steps toward internationalization of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, the Pan-American Championship has been held annually since 1994. While the first event garnered only 250 athletes, the event has grown every year and now hosts over 3000 martial art competitors.

This past March we our very own Professor Grant Collins competed in the international tournament. He had 11 competitors in his division which was stacked with a few previous Champions. His first fight he won by submitting his opponent with a collar choke. Grant’s second fight he won by 2 points. Throughout the match Professor was clearly the dominant fighter. Grant pulled guard and a minute into the match lands a beautifully executed sit up sweep earning him 2 points. Grant continued with relentless pressure through the end of the fight resulting in another victory, the Bronze Medal and a spot on the podium!
One of our top students Bryan Grebbin crushed the competition for a THIRD year in a row winning both his division and the open division by submitting all of his opponents. Bryan is 53 years “YOUNG” and he is still undefeated, and nobody has ever scored a point on him in competition. At his age he is an inspiration to all of the younger students here at Optimus Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.

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